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Steve McQueen's unknown film: An Enemy of the People.

In the interests of making this rarely seen McQueen film more widely known and encouraging it's eventual release onto DVD,
McQueenOnline presents this 2 minute scene.
Based on a play written by Norwegian Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People tells the story of a naive and honest doctor's fight to save the people of the small town he lives in from slow death caused by a polluted water system which is also poisoning the town's lucrative tourist springs. He must battle the money minded people who run the town, as they attempt to silence his voice. McQueen as Dr Thomas Stockmann
Bibi Andersson as Catherine Stockmann 
and Steve McQueen as Dr Thomas Stockmann This film recieved only limited release before Warner Brothers withdrew it from circulation. The reasons were a mixture of financial and image concerns. They felt that the film would be unsuccessful and that the McQueen image was not properly suited to this type of production.
Steve McQueen himself fought hard for the success Enemy, touring it through Universities and even doing public talks on the film to students. His efforts proved noble but ultimately unsuccessful at the time. Perhaps in this age of home theatre Enemy will eventually get a decent release.
Provided here is a sample scene from the movie in which Steve's character Dr Thomas Stockmann enters into a public meeting to discuss his alarming discoveries.

The townsfolk are violently set against him as his stance on the matter means they will lose a great amount of money, and in an attempt to run him out of town, they accuse him of being 'an enemy of the people.'
Duration: 109 seconds.