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Steve's first car

Steve's Husky and several trophies

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1. Santa Barbara (1959)
2. Del Mar (1959)
3. Willow Springs (1959)
4. Laguna Seca (1959)
5. Brands Hatch (1961 & 1962)
6. Cotati (1962)
7. Four Aces Moose Run (1962)
8. Sebring (1962)
9. Del Mar (1962)
10. Santa Barbara (1962)
11. Greenhorn Enduro (1963)
12. Hi Vista (1964)
13. International Six Day Trials (1964)
14. Stardust 7-11 (1968)
15. Ascot (1969)
16. Baja 1000 (1969)
17. Holtville (1970)
18. Phoenix (1970)
19. Lake Elsinore (1970)
20. Sebring (1970)

From William F Nolan's McQueen:

"I 'd never really competed on a dirt track, and I knew I could get bent way out of shape doin' those crazy jumps and all. But I thought, well, the people want to see me, so why not give it a shot." - Steve McQueen.

Taking home a trophy
Steve holding trophy A racing journalist who watched McQueen drive a night race desribed the action:

McQueen guns forward, makes the 25-foot jump, bounces, keeps charging, slides wide on a turn, is slapped by another Jeep, spins and stalls. He starts again in next-to-last position, turns on the steam, and roars up through the pack, passing the third-place runner, then the second-place machine... until he's banging along at full throttle right behind the leader. On the final lap, McQueen can't quite get around him, but takes a very impressive second overall at the flag. Top driving in anybody's league.

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