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Special Film & TV appearances

1. The Japanese Motorcycle ad (1971)
2. The 43rd Annual Academy Awards (1971)
3. The Ed Sullivan Show (1958, 1966 & 1968)
4. The Tonight Show (1964 & 1966)
5. What's My Line? (1966)
6. The Coming of the Roads (1966)
7. Christmas Seals ad (1965)
8. The 37th Annual Academy Awards (1965)
9. The 36th Annual Academy Awards (1964)
10. The Dick Powell Theatre (1963)
11. Here's Hollywood (1962)
12. It Could Be You (1960)
13. Kraft Music Hall (1960)
14. The Bob Hope Show (1960)
15. Jukebox Jury (1959)
16. Viceroy Cigarette ads (1958)
17. Family Affair (1952)

The Christmas Seals ad

The ad was filmed on the set of The Cincinatti Kid
STEVE MCQUEEN: "In the film, Cincinnati Kid, I act in a world that's a lot different from today. Then, of course, there was no such thing as nuclear fission, jet propulsion was strictly in science fiction, crossing the ocean still meant taking a boat and the great medical strides were still to come. For one thing, tuberculosis was unchecked. In thirty years we've moved ahead to deal with it. It's still here and it's still a threat but we're getting closer to control, perhaps eradication.

You've helped by a simple and traditional act, the yearly use of Christmas Seals. Your use of Christmas Seals these many years wasn't just a matter of decorating your holiday mail or making your gift packages look pretty—these Seals made possible research, education and patient care. I'm a citizen, speaking about ideas and hopes, and there's one hope I'd like to share with you—I hope you'll give this Christmas extra special meaning of peace, good will and good health. Use Christmas Seals on all your holiday mail. Answer your Christmas Seals letter when it arrives. Will you do that please?"

Thanks to Donna Redden for this information,
and the use of this photo from her personal collection.