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Steve's first car

Steve's Husky and several trophies

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1. Santa Barbara (1959)
2. Del Mar (1959)
3. Willow Springs (1959)
4. Laguna Seca (1959)
5. Brands Hatch (1961 & 1962)
6. Cotati (1962)
7. Four Aces Moose Run (1962)
8. Sebring (1962)
9. Del Mar (1962)
10. Santa Barbara (1962)
11. Greenhorn Enduro (1963)
12. Hi Vista (1964)
13. International Six Day Trials (1964)
14. Stardust 7-11 (1968)
15. Ascot (1969)
16. Baja 1000 (1969)
17. Holtville (1970)
18. Phoenix (1970)
19. Lake Elsinore (1970)
20. Sebring (1970)

Cotati - 1962
While in England filming The War Lover Steve purchased a Cooper Formula Junior racecar, which he had shipped back to the USA. He entered the car at Cotati Raceway, and found himself battling driver Ed Leslie for the lead.

Steve in his Cooper Formula Junior at Cotati - 1962
Steve in his Cooper Formula Junior at Cotati raceway From William F Nolan's Star On Wheels:
"We were into a real ding-dong for first," declared Steve. "Then water began leaking into the combustion chamber from a split in the head. Due to this, I lost power in a spark plug, which put me on three cylinders. Naturally, I dropped behind Leslie. This bugged me, so I began pushing harder than I should have, taking the turns at full opposite lock, sliding into the dirt and grass. I finally got too far out of shape and clipped one of those little circuit loudspeakers they have near the road's edge, just wiped it right out. Then I got a rock in my goggles, which all but blinded me, and I sailed off into the weeds."