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2011 - Exclusive Interview with the Authors of Steve McQueen: The Actor and His Films
2011 - Groundbreaking new Biography - Mystery of McQueen's father and sister unlocked - Interview with the author
2010 - New McQueen Tribute Photo-Book - Exclusive Interview with the author
2010 - Exclusive interview with Michael Munn, author of Steve McQueen: Living on the Edge
2008 - Exclusive interview with Barbara Leigh
2008 - Exclusive Interview with McQueen Photographer Dave Friedman
2008 - Exclusive interview with the writer and star of new film Finding McQueen
2007 - Exclusive interview with the author of new Photo-Book McQueen's Machines
2007 - An American Rebel: Steve McQueen - Exclusive interview with the director, Richard Martin
2007 - Exclusive Interview with Steve's first wife - Neile McQueen Toffel
2006 - New Photo Book: exclusive interview with Steve's widow, Barbara McQueen Brunsvold
2006 - Knowing and Working with Steve: exclusive interview with friend and supporting-actor Mel Novak
2006 - Major Nov 2006 Steve McQueen Auction: exclusive interview with co-organizer Marshall Terrill
2006 - McQueen's last interview: looking back on a high school kid's exclusive scoop
2005 - Exclusive: The story behind the famous Roy Schatt photos
2005 - 2 New McQueen Books: exclusive interview with the author Marshall Terrill
2005 - Here's Hollywood host Jack Linkletter reminisces about the experiences he shared with Steve