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McQueen Fashion

Steve McQueen is synonymous with fashion.

His image is still used today in many international advertising campaigns for clothing, sunglasses and watches.

The Le Mans
Tag Heuer Watch

Tag Heuer Watches
The McQueen
75th Birthday
Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer Watch

Mens Cologne

Cologne Ad

GAP Khakis

Khaki Ad

Vintage 55

McQueen in shirt

The Thomas Crown Affair
Persol Sunglasses

McQueen's Persol Sunglasses

The Steve McQueen
Trialmaster Jacket

The Steve McQueen Trailmaster Jacket
wore Denim

McQueen's on cover of fashion book
1996 Advertisement
for Persol Sunglasses

McQueen's wearing Persol Sunglasses

Bullitt Fashion

McQueen's jacket and jumper from 'Bullitt'


McQueen inspired T-Shirt
Rolex Explorer II
The McQueen Rolex

Rolex Explorer II
More T-Shirts
McQueen Inspired T-Shirt
Bullitt Cap
Bullitt Cap
Triumph Note Pad
Note Pad
Submariner 5512
Submariner 5512