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The Ferrari Passion Cologne campaign.

McQueen featured in a Cologne Ad The ad featured to the left is taken from a Hong Kong magazine. It was published in 2006. A press statement was released in 2004 regarding this new campaign featuring Steve McQueen.

2004 Press Release.

McQueen Steers New Brand for Ferrari.

Steve McQueen’s passion for life and racing make him the perfect figure to drive Ferrari's new cologne, "Passion", out of the starting line. Manufactured and distributed by Schwarzkopf & Henkel Italia srl, the cologne is a first-time brand extension for the premier Italian automobile manufacturer and you can fasten your seatbelt as McQueen's icy blue gaze accelerates awareness of the fragrance through advertising and point-of-purchase displays worldwide outside of North America.

Marketing experts have commented that the McQueen mystique appeals not only to cinema buffs, but motoring enthusiasts as well.