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Steve's first car

Steve's Husky and several trophies

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1. Santa Barbara (1959)
2. Del Mar (1959)
3. Willow Springs (1959)
4. Laguna Seca (1959)
5. Brands Hatch (1961 & 1962)
6. Cotati (1962)
7. Four Aces Moose Run (1962)
8. Sebring (1962)
9. Del Mar (1962)
10. Santa Barbara (1962)
11. Greenhorn Enduro (1963)
12. Hi Vista (1964)
13. International Six Day Trials (1964)
14. Stardust 7-11 (1968)
15. Ascot (1969)
16. Baja 1000 (1969)
17. Holtville (1970)
18. Phoenix (1970)
19. Lake Elsinore (1970)
20. Sebring (1970)

Four Aces Moose Run - 1962
In March of 1962, Steve entered a cross-country motorcycle racing National Championship event called the Four Aces Moose Run. He came in in 45th place overall (out of a field of just over 100), and got 3rd place in his Novice division. His good friend Bud Ekins who was also competing came in 2nd place overall.

Steve on bike # 955
Steve on MotorBike

Steve told William Nolan:

"I'd been doing some cycle riding on the dirt, but I was still new at the game. Had a bit of a problem early in the race. Some of the riders resented the fact that I was an actor. They didn't trust my motives for being there - so they blocked me at the start. Still, I did okay, finishing third in the Open Novice class".