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A Hatful of Rain (1956)

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A Hatful of Rain was already a big success on Broadway when Steve joined the cast. It was his Broadway debut. The play's topic was drug addiction, and Steve played the role of addict Johnny Pope. Steve appeared opposite actress Vivian Blain (who played his wife). His performance was good, but never a complete success, which some put down to the fact that Blain looked old enough to be his mother. Kim Hunter took over Blain's role when she left the cast, but the same age issue remained. This element did not play well with the critics.
Big trouble for Johnny
McQueen and Blain looked more like mother and son

As Johnny was meant to be a person of Latin descent, and Steve was distinctly fair featured, Ed Julian, the stage manager of the show, jokingly nicknamed Steve 'Cornflakes'.
All pictures from the personal collection of Donna Redden.