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Special Film & TV appearances

1. The Japanese Motorcycle ad (1971)
2. The 43rd Annual Academy Awards (1971)
3. The Ed Sullivan Show (1958, 1966 & 1968)
4. The Tonight Show (1964 & 1966)
5. What's My Line? (1966)
6. The Coming of the Roads (1966)
7. Christmas Seals ad (1965)
8. The 37th Annual Academy Awards (1965)
9. The 36th Annual Academy Awards (1964)
10. The Dick Powell Theatre (1963)
11. Here's Hollywood (1962)
12. It Could Be You (1960)
13. Kraft Music Hall (1960)
14. The Bob Hope Show (1960)
15. Jukebox Jury (1959)
16. Viceroy Cigarette ads (1958)
17. Family Affair (1952)

The Japanese Motorcycle Ad

Bikes were one of Steve's great loves in life, and after the financial disaster/bankruptcy which he suffered as a result of his misadventures in making Le Mans, Steve turned to Japan (where he was hugely popular) to make a motorbike ad for Honda in 1971.

In the ad he promoted their new dirt bike. The model was a CR250 and was called an Elsinore (after the great off-road race held at Lake Elsinore).

We hear Steve in a 'voice over' in which he describes the joys of bike riding, and extolls the need to ride safely, as he is seen riding through various off road terrains. He was paid One Million Dollars.

You can watch the full ad *HERE*

All pictures from the personal collection of Donna Redden