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Special Film & TV appearances

1. The Japanese Motorcycle ad (1971)
2. The 43rd Annual Academy Awards (1971)
3. The Ed Sullivan Show (1958, 1966 & 1968)
4. The Tonight Show (1964 & 1966)
5. What's My Line? (1966)
6. The Coming of the Roads (1966)
7. Christmas Seals ad (1965)
8. The 37th Annual Academy Awards (1965)
9. The 36th Annual Academy Awards (1964)
10. The Dick Powell Theatre (1963)
11. Here's Hollywood (1962)
12. It Could Be You (1960)
13. Kraft Music Hall (1960)
14. The Bob Hope Show (1960)
15. Jukebox Jury (1959)
16. Viceroy Cigarette ads (1958)
17. Family Affair (1952)

JukeBox Jury

JukeBox Jury was a popular "music critique" show in which a panel of judges listened to the latest Pop releases and then passed judgement on the quality of the song.

Steve McQueen appeared as a guest panelist along with Eartha Kitt, and they judged songs by Kay Starr and Jimmy Boyd.

When asked if he sang, Steve replied:

"I went to two singing teachers and they both gave me my money back and they said, 'Go on outta here', ya know... I just gave up right then and there."

When asked whether he could dance to a song, Steve replied:

"I don't dance very well at all. My wife's been trying to get me to go to dancing for four years..."

Thanks to Donna Redden for providing additional information on this episode.