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Gun used by Steve in the 1966 western Nevada Smith

.45 Smith and Wesson Schofield

This .45 Smith and Wesson Schofield was on loan to the NRA National Firearms Museum during 2011 for their Hollywood Guns Exhibit. It was loaned out to them by Hollywood Guns and Props.

Phil Schreier, senior curator at the museum states that the weapon was used by Steve's character in Nevada Smith.

It appears to be the weapon Jonas Cord (the kindly gun dealer played by Brian Keith) lends him for a few moments when he asks him to try and shoot a fast moving target to test his skills (see picture from the scene below).
NRA curator Phil Schreier handling the gun
.45 Smith and Wesson Schofield from the 1966 western 'Nevada Smith'
Lars Dalseide at gives this excellent history of the .45 used in Nevada Smith:

The gun came into being during the 1870s thanks to Major George Schofield from the 10th Calvary. Apparently the Major wasn't completely happy with the Model 3 issued by Smith & Wesson. Ever an enterprising man, he decided to make a few modifications. Smith & Wesson liked the changes so much they adopted them and started producing their own Schofield in 1875.

The major change by Major Schofield was moving the barrel latch to the frame in order to allow the shooter to load and unload with one hand ... quite the tactical advantage for a soldier in the field. This particular model is a Wells Fargo Schofield. As the story goes, the U.S. Army decided to go with the Colt Peacemaker and sold their surplus of Schofields to Wells Fargo. The detective agency shortened the barrel, moved the front sight, and issued them to their men in the field.
Nevada has a few practice shots with the .45 Smith and Wesson Schofield
Nevada Smith uses the .45
Phil Schreier presents the gun on the NRA's Curator's Corner show.