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By Christian Dureau. 108 pages. French Text.

This book, as with any good drama, consists of three parts.

The first part is a biography with anecdotes and stories as told by McQueen himself. From his childhood days spent on his uncle's farm, through reform school and the Marines, right up to his admission into the famous Actor's Studio.

The second part focuses on the TV series Wanted Dead Or Alive, with some very nice 'on set' pictures, as well as info on the original air- dates in America and France. Remember, this show is still very popular in France.

The last part consists of reviews of his movies, with the titles in French of course, but also in English, which is kind of unusual. A picture of the Belgian and/or French film poster in question is included, as well as other pictures from the films.

'Steve McQueen' by Christian Dureau.
Book Cover.
Reviewed by Pascal van Zanten.