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The Solex 3800

During the filming of Le Mans some photographs were taken of Steve on an unusual looking machine which is in France as known as the Solex. The model Steve was seen riding was the Solex 3800.

A combination of pedal powered bicycle and 49 cc motor bike (running on a mixture of gas and oil in a 1.25 litre tank), it could take you up to 100 kilometres. With a dash speed of 35 kilometers per hour, it was a fantastic machine because it was very light and consumed very little fuel , but it was still necessary to pedal in hilly areas!

The Solex 3800 came onto the market in 1966, and ceased production in 1988.

The Solex brand of bikes were produced between 1946 and 1988 in France, selling over 7 million units worldwide during that time.

Production of the bike re-started in both China and Hungary in 1988, but ceased in Hungary in 2002. Today (as of 2007) production continues in China and re-started in France in 2005.
Steve leans against his Solex 3800
Steve leans on the Solex 3800
Steve riding Solex
Steve riding Solex
Steve and wife Neile
Steve and wife Neile with Solex
Steve and son Chad
Steve and son Chad on Solex
Special thanks to French fan Gilles Masson for providing these pictures and information.