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Steve's first car

Steve's Husky and several trophies

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1. Santa Barbara (1959)
2. Del Mar (1959)
3. Willow Springs (1959)
4. Laguna Seca (1959)
5. Brands Hatch (1961 & 1962)
6. Cotati (1962)
7. Four Aces Moose Run (1962)
8. Sebring (1962)
9. Del Mar (1962)
10. Santa Barbara (1962)
11. Greenhorn Enduro (1963)
12. Hi Vista (1964)
13. International Six Day Trials (1964)
14. Stardust 7-11 (1968)
15. Ascot (1969)
16. Baja 1000 (1969)
17. Holtville (1970)
18. Phoenix (1970)
19. Lake Elsinore (1970)
20. Sebring (1970)

Steve's first car
At twelve Steve was already a "car nut." He put together a hot rod with the help of an older buddy. They successfully joined a Model-A frame with a Ford 60 engine, producing a potent street machine.

"It had an Edelbrock manifold," recalled Steve. "We could accelerate with a J-2 Allard which was the going sports car around there at the time. Our rod didn't handle for beans, but when the engine stayed together that machine had stark acceleration. It was a real jumper."

Steve's first racer might have looked something like this...
Model A Frame Model A
Excerpt from Star On Wheels by William Nolan.