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McQueen's Real Life Fire Fighting Heroics.

In 1966 movie producer Joseph Levine hosted one of the largest social events to take place that Hollywood season, a promotional party to celebrate the upcoming release of the Steve McQueen western epic Nevada Smith. The party, attended by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, was held at Paramount Studios.

Real Life Events which would strangely foreshadow Steve's on screen heroics in The Towering Inferno were about to transpire...
Movie Mogul Joseph Levine arrives
Movie Mogul Joseph Levine arrives
Ernest Borgnine and Partner arrive
Ernerst Borgnine and Partner arriving at the party
The party goers were having a great time, eating, drinking and dancing. Steve and his wife Neile mingled with the admiring Hollywood elite.

Levine's bash seemed like an enormous success, but suddenly, to the horror of both hosts and guests, a dangerous blaze ignited less than 100 yards away on one of the studio sets.
Steve and wife Neile mingle
Steve and wife 
 Neile mingle
Almost all of the guests were quicky evacuated from the studio lots as the fire raged, but not Steve, who immediately got into the thick of it, fighting side by side with the professional firefighters against a blaze that was now so large that it could be seen all over Hollywood. The fire was eventually contained through the bravery of all who were involved in fighting it.

Cameramen present at the event actually captured footage of McQueen fighting this blaze with the professional firefighters.
Blaze spreads to a drinks bar
Blaze spreads to a drinks bar
Blaze engulfs buildings
Blaze engulfs 
Duration: 110 seconds.
Steve (on right) assists the firemen
Steve assists the firemen