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Special Film & TV appearances

1. The Japanese Motorcycle ad (1971)
2. The 43rd Annual Academy Awards (1971)
3. The Ed Sullivan Show (1958, 1966 & 1968)
4. The Tonight Show (1964 & 1966)
5. What's My Line? (1966)
6. The Coming of the Roads (1966)
7. Christmas Seals ad (1965)
8. The 37th Annual Academy Awards (1965)
9. The 36th Annual Academy Awards (1964)
10. The Dick Powell Theatre (1963)
11. Here's Hollywood (1962)
12. It Could Be You (1960)
13. Kraft Music Hall (1960)
14. The Bob Hope Show (1960)
15. Jukebox Jury (1959)
16. Viceroy Cigarette ads (1958)
17. Family Affair (1952)

The Bob Hope Show
This show consisted of a series of highlights filmed at the 1959 Christmas USO tour.
Presented on The Bob Hope Buick Hour, airdate 1/13/60.
Steve and Bob in 'Operation: Eggroll'
Steve and Bob did a skit called Operation: Eggroll, in which they played Japanese soldiers about to be taken captive by the Americans.

Steve's character says they must commit hara-kiri and kneels with dagger ready to drive into his own body. Hope stands by and says "You go first. Me watch."

There's a second skit involving a reversal of roles: Bob and Steve as vulnerable, innocent (!) sailors being looked over by a couple of WAVEs, Jayne Mansfield and Frances Langford; Jayne chooses Bob, "the fat one with skinny hair", AKA "Snorkel-snoot", leaving Steve, "the skinny one with blond hair" to Frances Langford, who looks Steve over and says she's satisfied with him: "He's small but he's well-marked." Along come a couple of female Marines, one being Neile (Steve's real life wife). The four females get into a

Steve doing his Marlon Brando impersonation
shoving, name-calling fight over the men--"I'd like to pull that blonde hair of yours out by its black roots!" Neile says to Jayne.

Steve did an impression of Marlon Brando doing Julius Caesar, and Neile sang "I Enjoy Being a Girl", in a skin-tight glittery dress, with a few dance moves.

Information courtesy of Donna Redden. Images courtesy of Donna Redden and Christophe Morin.