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Tales of Wells Fargo: Bill Longley
1957-62 TV series starring Dale Robertson as Wells Fargo agent Jim Hardie.
Best available format is DVD, which is presented in 4/3 aspect ratio as per original TV broadcast.
Steve McQueen as Bill Longley
Bill Longley (played by Steve McQueen) is a wanted man with a $5000 reward on his head.

A sleazy-looking man named Jeff Evans (played by Steve Rowland) brings the seemingly captured and bound Longley in to the Wells Fargo office and collects the reward money.

Longley stashes the cash
But it's a setup: Evans and Longley are a team. Longley shakes off his bonds and both men take off with the money.
By the time Wells Fargo man Hardie catches up with them Evans has double-crossed Longley, left him stranded with no horse, and gone to meet Longley's girl Marge (played by Jacqueline Holt).

Evans has his own desires set on the innocent Marge, and he wants Longley out of the way to fulfill them.

Jim Hardie and Bill Longley strike a deal
Longley had meant to use the money to take Marge to Mexico and start over afresh; deeply concerned for her, he gives his word to Hardie not to escape, and leads him into a notorious outlaw hideout in pursuit of Evans.

If the Wells Fargo agent is recognized here, he's a dead man. Can he trust an outlaw's promise?

Bill Longley is similar to Doc McCoy, in that he has his own moral code and sense of ethics; he is bound by his word, even though he's on the wrong side of the law. Hardie admires him for that, but he has a job to do, and he can't let him go.
This episode uses voiceover effectively, and Steve's performance is very good.
The real Bill Longley, a vicious murderer and racist, was born in 1851 and hung in 1878.
Reviewed by Donna Redden.
Screencaps provided by Donna Redden.